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out of place

Expectations and judgements shaped the absence of my own person. Now I want to unhide the inner me. 

BOOK (2017)

Who you see is me, Alicia. An insecured little girl who always tries to fullfill norms and expectations. In search of myself I look up tp people who I am not, but try to imitate as idols. My hope is to get the recognition and shine like they do. I do things others enjoy, wear clothes others like and adapt to the ideas and habits of others without expressing my opinion. 

The photos of my childhood present a documentation of the consequence, the absence of my own person. Over the years I understood something. Being accepted is one thing, hoewer, to be appreciated as a person, for who you really are is another. I do not want acceptance for somebody who I am not, who I do not enjoy to be. I want to show who I really am and unhide the inner me.

Out of place shows a journey through time filled with expectations, a journey of searching for your own identity. With this story I want to make a statement and let people think about it. Think about being yourself and being out of place.