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refuse to lose

All of you should be aware with the current problem of young refugees coming to Europe with the hope for a better future. We read about it, we see it in the news and we even experience it around us in our own city. The problem and amount of young refugees looking for a refuge is becoming bigger and bigger.

The state tries to handle this through programs of integration. What does this program include? School, provisional accommodations, activities of daily living like doing the shopping and some leisure activities. Concerning the last aspect there is still a huge lack. The youngsters have lessons during the morning until the mid-day.

But what after? What during their weekendWhat during their free timeSometimes some sport and also this is not that easy to manage because of various laws of the state that set up boundaries.

So exactly this is, what we want to change and improve!

The young refugees need a hobby, a passion, something they can relay on and give them a new positive anchor in their life. 

What is the idea? We – as a part of the HipHop Community – know exactly what it can give to you. Not just a hobby but furthermore  a community, cultural exchange, history, hold, freedom, perspective and an own culture independent of age, look, gender or race. 

photos by Lottermann and Fuentes 

video by Richard Hu